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Buda Castle Highlights – World Tourism Day – Registration Time Ticket

Buda Castle Highlights – World Tourism Day – Registration Time Ticket

Choose the official Buda Castle Walks team and join us for a sightseeing  tour in the Castle District with breathtaking panoramic views of Budapest! 

As we walk the medieval cobblestone streets of Buda from the Royal Palace to the Fisherman's Bastion, over 700 years of history unfolds in front of our eyes. We stroll through exquisite courtyards, grandiose ornamented gates and secret passages while we see all the iconic landmarks such as the Buda Castle, Matthias Church, Lion’s courtyard, Szent György square, and lesser known hidden gems, such as medieval trading houses, baroque palaces and an unforgettable bird’s-eye view of Budapest!

This tour is for those who wish to see the TOP attractions of the Castle District.

DURATION: 100 mins

DEPARTURE:  Szent György square - Habsburg Gate, next to the Funiculars upper station
ARRIVAL: Fisherman’s Bastion - Holy Trinity square


Please take into consideration that the tour is not suitable for wheelchair users and it is not safe for strollers. 

The program starts in all weather conditions.



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